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Speaking/Other Events

12/20/12 Internet Radio Broadcast on Career Advice:  Tough Talk with Tony Gambone

12/27/12 Neighbors helping Neighbors Job Seeker Meeting at Middletown Library in NJ (article/photo):


12/5/14 "Business Black Belt" Internet Radio Broadcast on Advice for Entrepreneurs: "4 Unexpected Ways a Recruiter Can Help You Build Your Business," Hosted by Burke Franklin, Creator & CEO of JAIN Business Power Tools (www.Jain.com):

(Although it's aimed at entrepreneurs, some of the content may be eye opening to others in the workforce, most especially hiring managers who may be unfamiliar with the nuances of the recruiting landscape.)

Virtual Webcast:  Are you interested???
Date(s) to be Determined
(Please contact us if you or others are interested.)

Live, Free Career Workshops/Speaking Engagement:



A Pay-it-Forward Networking
Meet & Greet Exchange

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  STARTING IN JANUARY, 2015, STRIVE FOR FIVE MEETINGS WILL TAKE PLACE  "ON DEMAND" RATHER THAN EACH MONTH.  I am committed to holding these meetings as long as they are needed, and since the last two meetings had a low turnout, my sense is that either the job market has improved, there are other support groups that those in transition are going to, the dates have not been convenient, or a combination of these or other reasons.

My commitment is as follows:  I will hold a meeting in any month in which 10 or more job seekers express an interest.  If you are interested and wish to commit to attending, please email me via LinkedIn, The NC3 meetup.com group or at my work email address (see below)

 get America back to work!

Events are open to everyone: Job Seekers, Employers, Recruiters, Friends/Relatives from all drivable areas.

Sample Links:

Elevator Pitch Builder (Guide)

50 LinkedIn and Other Tips to Help You Land A Job More Quickly

Resume Do(s) and Dont(s)

Target List and Profile (Aka, Marketing Plan)

Career Makeover Kit:  Exercises to Help You Reinvent Yourself

Tips on Cracking the Code on The Hidden Job Market

Some General & Specialized JOB SITES

"Knock 'Em Dead" LinkedIn Presentation (companion to HandOut Above)

Top 10 MUST DO's for Job Seekers - 01/23/15

Sample Cover Letters (One is a FUNCTIONAL Template LONG "Kitchen Sink" Format)

Sample Top THIRD of RESUME Formats

Attribute List (Used for Cover letters, LinkedIn Summary, Resume Summaries, Elevator Pitches, and to answer the question, "Tell Me About Yourself.")

Other Special Events:

To be announced ... please visit again

For event announcements, please see:
1) My LinkedIn Home Page
2) My Employer & Candidate Connection LinkedIn Group open to US residents who are U.S. Citizens & Green Card Holders/Permanent Residents (Please join if you meet this criteria and are not a member)
3) The NC3 sub-group on www.meetup.com
4) Local Networking Group page on this website for additional events.

For more info and to register for future events, please contact me through this website.

Note: Private events may not be posted on this website or on www.meetup.com. 
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