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Why Consider a Coach?

  • Do you lack the motivation or discipline to get your job search underway?
  • Not sure what career path(s) to pursue and/or feeling lost?
  • Are you stuck or otherwise do not know what to do to kick-start your search?
  • Afraid of rejection and therefore are immobilized? 
  • Unclear about your unique skills? 
  • Need to establish your “brand” and craft a concise, compelling elevator speech (aka, “pitch”)?
  • Need resume or cover letter help?
  • Are you uncomfortable networking? 
  • Not sure how to leverage your skills in another role or industry (Need a career “makeover”)?
  • Considering being an entrepreneur?
  • Not sure how to tap into the hidden job market?
  • Need to identify executive search firms that service your profession and geography?
  • Need guidance on LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, or other social media to support your job search?
  • Want to improve your public speaking or interviewing skills?
  • Need help negotiating a better offer?

Coaching can make a world of difference between landing a job sooner than later.  Most job seekers report that this is the most tangible evidence of a positive ROI for the coaching dollars they have invested, but there are many other benefits that can last a lifetime.  I am frequently told by my coaching clients that they wish they would have found me sooner, and that the cost was well worth it.  In fact, I receive a great deal of unsolicited feedback both during my active association with clients and well beyond.  Some have shared that having a coach in their corner provided much-needed emotional support during a very difficult period in their lives often characterized by periods of heightened self-doubt and diminished self-esteem.  This is even more true today, given the job market where jobs are few and candidates are in abundant supply.

Coaching clients have benefited from gaining clarity and confidence about the unique skills they bring to bear.  Consequently, they can more readily articulate their strengths in a compelling manner.  Others report other benefits of coaching – among them, the ability to hone their interviewing and networking skills and come across in a more fluid manner.  Some clients appreciate a coach’s ability to help them navigate through uncharted waters with regard to today’s job market.  Today’s resumes and selection process contrasts dramatically with those in previous years.  Therefore, the guidance a coach can provide and ability to serve as a “sounding-board” and much-needed pillar of strength can be a partnership that most often lends itself to relationships that lasts well beyond the coaching experience.   

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This information is provided as a service to job seekers.  It is not to be construed as an endorsement of any  coach listed. The coaches listed have been successfully utilized by one or more professional colleagues.It is up to job seekers to fully assess the suitability of coaches for their needs. 

Coaching can make a world of difference between landing a job sooner than later, and can pay for itself.  

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Other Career Coaches

 Below is a list of coaches.  This is a hand-selected list of those known to be highly competent and reputable either by me or others I know.  This aside, it is up to individuals pursuing such services to do their due diligence when engaging the services of others. Naturally, neither I nor the others who have offered the below names can warranty and guarantee the services of others. 


NOTE:  Please pay-it-forward!  If you have worked with a great coach or know of reputable ones, please route them to me for review.  A first-hand reference will be required.  We would like to build this list out to include OTHER AREAS and SPECIALTIES. 


Suzanne M. Hume, M.A. Coach, Teacher, Trainer

Suzanne M. Hume is a dedicated, results-oriented coach and teacher who has guided thousands of people to identify their strengths, overcome roadblocks, and achieve their goals.  Suzanne helps clients achieve results and maximize their performance.  She teaches people effective strategies in goal setting, planning, visualization, presentation/ interview preparation and tips for powerful communication.  She helps clients build important skills for career advancement and artfully manage life transitions.  She also offers English As A Second Language and Literacy Services to improve speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, comprehension, reading and writing skills.  Suzanne is a California Certified Multiple Subject and ESL Teacher, reading specialist and university professor. 

Mark James, Executive Career Transition Coach & Business Owner

Hire Consulting Services is a highly customized executive outplacement and career coaching service for executive level professionals. Mark has over 25 years of Executive Career Management Coaching and Outplacement and Executive Search Consulting experience.  He employs a proven, successful strategy and a structured process to fully enable his clients to conduct a professional job search campaign and with the singular goal of securing their next career opportunity in significantly less time it would take without a career coach. Every client gains a new perspective of their marketing value coupled with executing a strategic plan and closing the deal on their new role in their next 

Ken Schmitt, Executive Career Coach & Business Owner

TurningPoint Executive Search Career Coaching Practice:  Our team of professionals offers nearly 40 years of combined experience in recruiting, career coaching, human resources, training and management.  The Career Coaching practice emphasizes the importance of creating a comprehensive search strategy, resulting in an accelerated job search. By leveraging 1-on-1 coaching sessions combined with our innovative program of Define. Develop. Deliver.™, each client receives a customized strategy, or Career Action Plan.  Our practice services senior executives through to recent graduates and young professionals. Through the below link, Ken Schmitt is offering a free phone consultation and special 10% Career Coaching discount for those referred though this site. 

Be sure to click on this link to be eligible for this exclusive discount:

Heather Wieshlow, Coach, Author, Speaker & Business Owner Heather Wieshlow is a Certified Coach, Author, Speaker and Owner of Turning Point Coaching and Consulting. Since 1998 she has helped thousands of professionals gain clarity during their career transitions and creates success plans for their lives. She has worked with individuals in businesses, organizations and government programs in all aspects of Career Discovery, Career Design and Career Development. Her energetic, personal, insightful and interactive style combines over 20 years of business expertise with a solid foundation based on holistic principles and real-world common sense. Heather is a Graduate of the Newfield Coaching for Professional and Professional Mastery Program (CPPM), Master Career Director (MCD), a certified Job and Career Transition Coach (JCTC) and holds a Career Transition Coach Certification from Chapman University. 


Abby Kohut, “Absolutely Abby” Coach, Author, Recruiting / Human Resources Professional Abby Kohut, who is known on the web as Absolutely Abby, is the President of Staffing Symphony, LLC and the author of “Absolutely Abby’s 101 Job Search Secrets”.  In the past 18 years, Abby held positions such as Senior Director of Recruiting for Kaplan, Interim Director of Recruiting for Continuum Health Partners, and Manager of Global Recruiting for Alpharma. Her website, which was selected as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career” by Forbes in 2013, teaches candidates secrets the Absolute truth about the job search process that other recruiters won't tell you. Abby has provided job search tips on Fox 5, NBC, CBS, ABC, LinkedIn, Monster, Real Simple, The Ladders, Bloomberg Radio, and Forbes. Abby was selected as one of "The Monster 11 for 2011: Career Experts Who Can Help Your Job Search" and is one of the “Top 100 Influential People Online” according to Fast Company Magazine. Since 2010, Abby has been on a mission to help one million job seekers and is currently driving around the USA on a nationwide tour to accomplish that goal which you can learn more about at,


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Please note:  I do not have any involvement or financial interest in any of the vast majority of the above resources, and cannot recommend, warranty or guarantee those for which I am not directly affiliated. Instead, this information is provided as a service to job seekers.  I am unable to answer any questions or provide additional insight.