Wide variety of search engagement options/service levels to fit a variety of budgets.

  • Work w/direct clients to identify top talent: Exec/Non-Exec searches,
  • Employee & group training.workshops/coaching & outplacement services for employers with /workforce reductions or associations seeking continuing education.
  • Serve as HR Business Partner. Provide guidance on a wide range of HR issues (hiring, terminations, performance issues, ER, comp benchmarking, workforce & succession planning, etc.
  • ALL Industries Served
  • Interactive one-on-one and group presentations on a wide variety of topics that hit the mark in helping job seekers move through the transition process quickly and with a high degree of confidence.
    • Turbo Charging Your Resume To Get Noticed in Today’s Market
    • Group & One-one-One Resume Critiques
    • Interview Skills (Including Mock-Interviews)
    • Networking Strategies – Even for the non-assertive
    • Career Makeovers
    • “Knock ‘Em Dead” LinkedIn Tips/Strategies (Basic to Advanced)
    • 50 Tips To Super Charge Your Job Search (Linkedin & Other Tips)
    • The Hidden Job Market
    • Open Forum: Fielding job seeker questions on all Job-related Topics and customized workshops/presentations on any job seeker topics.

How engaging an outplacement expert can help your bottom line:

In today’s economy, while reductions in force are more common than any time in recent history, it is prudent for employers to handle these layoffs with dignity and respect for these key reasons:

  • Reduce Unemployment Claims Expenses
  • Help mitigate legal and safety risks
  • Keep your culture moving forward: Sustain focus/productivity of remaining employee population, as they know their affected colleagues are getting the support they need
  • Preserve/enhance company image/brand for current and future stakeholders/employees
  • Send a positive message to the investor community
  • More expeditiously stabilize the workforce
  • As needs arise for new talent, help attract top talent

Please contact me to discuss how you can leverage my skills to help your organization emerge from your corporate reorganization even better positioned for success.