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What you will find:

  • Job postings for members posted by me or other members
  • Articles for job seekers and/or those in transition
  • Career event announcements
  • List of many of the best URLs/Job SiteLists and articles about the most friendly employers hiring age 40+ job seekers
  • Discussions including personal "commercials" started by job seekers to stand out to hiring managers
  • Questions posed by group members
  • Short links to videos on leveraging socials networking sites such as and Twitter to provide job seekers with a competitive edge
  • Tips, tools, and other resources 
  • Access to the recruiters, direct hiring managers, coaches, resume writers, and others

To join or access the main group (Employer & Candidate Connection) or our sub-group (Strive for Five), click on the following link, and be sure to actively participate in this community and "pay it forward!" Free Strive for Five events are held from time-to-time in San Diego, other southern CA locations, and occasionally in NJ.

Employer & Candidate LinkedIn Support Group:

Strive for Five (Live Event Support Group.  Most events are in San Diego, CA)